The Ships of Elite: Dangerous


This is the ship you start with.  Unless of course you backed the game early on with lots of money.  Then it isn’t.


Bread and butter starter ship.  Tiny cargo space, mounts for a couple of pop guns, fairly nippy.


Imagine a Sidewinder ate too many pies.  Fatter, slower and with more capacity.  Starter trader.  Hull made of soggy cardboard.  Load her up and pray you don’t get interdicted.




Shootier ship.  Jolly quick.  Bigger engines, faster turns, one more gun than the Sidewinder.  Designed as a mini killing machine.Eagle


The weapon of choice for any self respecting law-enforcer.  Fast, hits like a truck and sounds darned sexy.  Buy yourself one for bounty hunting, don’t even think about using it as a trader.  It won’t work.  Someone sold all the cargo space to put a bigger engine in.



30 year old design.  Perfect multi function ship.  Lots of cargo space, many guns, quite fast, tough as old boots.  The ship that Braben would fly.


Lakon Type 6

Midi trade ship.  Excellent viewport.


Lakon Type 7

A slightly bigger bus.  Not as huge as the T9, but large enough to make traders rich and pirates rub their hands together with glee.

Photographs to follow once I find a willing victim.

Lakon Type 9 – “The Space Cow”

Monster trade ship.  Could fit a couple of blue whales in the trunk and have room for a case of Pimms.  Needs a shoe horn and some grease to get into a station.  Won’t fit if something’s coming the other way.



Not quite as large as the Lakon.  Mobile weapons platform with a reasonably sized cargo space.  If you get in front of it, a dazzling array of lights will turn you into scrap and then bash the scrap out of the way as it boosts past, laughing.

Long nose.  Very long nose.  Probably got picked on at school by other ships.

Imperial Clipper

You’re only allowed one of these if you’re a friend of the Empire.  Sleek, sexy, sounds wonderful when you use the thrusters and perfect for a good photoshoot.


Federal Dropship

Ugly. Large. Federal.  The polar opposite of everything that the Clipper is.  Utilitarian and brutal looking.  Packing a good punch


As of live release, this is the combat ship of choice.  With Frontier’s pending 1.1 release, it has received a gentle softening to make it turn slower and be a little less speedy, but nontheless, with the hardpoint layout, is a heavy duty combat vessel with good cargo space

Asp – “The Dambuster”

Sounds like a WW2 bomber.  Kills like one, too.  Expensive to maintain, but carries around 100 tonnes, lots of accessory slots and plenty of hardpoints.


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