Outbreak in Van Maanen….

Well – it COULD have been a profitable week.  Vin had checked the station logs – Rex (Hutton’s intrepid and rather hapless roving reporter) had undocked last week, in time for the radio show and singularly managed to NOT check in since.

He had headed for Hutton’s new facility at O’Connor in Van Maanen.  Somehow, despite having control of the whole system from there, pilots still needed to apply for permission to enter from the Sublime Order.


A “tomb” had been discovered, inscribed with truly ancient Latin words, but only dating from 20 or so years ago.  A series of fatal accidents had been reported, mysterious deaths after the sealed building had been broken open.  Paper shredders catching the tails of a scientist’s lab coat and devouring everything up to the point they hit bone – that sort of thing.

It turns out that Rex found something inside the sealed building and taken it back to a forensic lab at O’Connor.

Within 24 hours, an Outbreak had been declared in that station, and spread rapidly to surrounding stations and systems owned by the Sublime Order, including Tau Ceti.

Now…. news was reaching Hutton Orbital (it’s a long way – it takes a while) that rumours were circulating that the outbreak had spread to our own systems.

Co-incidence?  A trap laid by the Sublime Order? Something more sinister and scary?  Vin was waiting to hear back from Rex….



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