High Metal Content Worlds

While I’ve called this entry high metal content worlds, I’ve only actually called it that because that’s what I’ve been mainly doing today.

Over the coming weeks I’ll explain why I left the bubble to explore and how I go about it. Today though, I’ll take you through how I kitted out my ship and let you know where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to.

I fly a Keelback. That’s right dear Commander, you read that correctly. I fly a Keelback.

Why, you ask? Why not? There seems to be a common feeling amongst my fellow commanders that the Keelback is a silly little monstrosity of a ship. I say two things in response to that. The first is beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The second is that I’ve not seen another human for three weeks and no human other than me has laid eyes on my ship for that time. So what does it matter? It serves me well for how I explore. Some day I may or may not own an Imperial Cutter or an Anaconda or another big ship. Until then, this one does me fine.

Now, about the specifications of this Keelback of mine which I’ve named the Pallypongo by the way – I do agree thats a daft name but there is a sentimental reason behind it, which I might divulge at some point in the future. Now, for the specifications:

4A thrusters, 5B shield generator, 1A auto-field maintenance unit, 2A sensors, 3A power distributor, 4A fuel scoop, 1A life support, 4A frame shift drive, 4A power plant, 1C advanced discovery scanner

I think I’ve covered everything. As I said, it seems to be suiting my purposes well and was equipped within my budget whilst keeping enough aside for at least 3 re-buys. And if you’re a new commander reading this … please never fly a ship that you can’t afford to rebuy. Bad, bad, bad.

I’m currently wending my way somewhere towards Sagittarius A*. I say ‘somewhere towards’ because I’m not actually heading for Sagittarius A* really. It’s a well trodden path. More of a pilgrimage than an exploration.

No, I’m a wanderer. If I discover a new system or planetary body, that’s great. I take my time, I look around, I scoop fuel every time I’m able (for new commanders, you can only scoop from star classes K,G,B,F,O,A and M – that’s always worth remembering). I jump, I scoop, I honk my scanner. Then I take a look at my system map and decide if there’s anything I want to go and see a little closer. There’s no rhyme or reason behind this necessarily. It just passes the time out here. And, as an explorer, time is something I have plenty of.

So, today, I have visited the following:

COL 285 Sector QY-R C4-112

You can scoop here because you jump into a K Class yellow-orange star. Good news. It was interesting, to a degree at least, as I detail scanned a water-world and a high metal content world. I wish I’d got closer to the water-world now so I could have taken a picture for you. Another time. I chose to take a picture of the metal world instead. It looked quite dramatic with hot lava spewing out in places. You can see it below. Other than that, there were 9 rocky bodies, which I couldn’t be bothered to scan. I moved on to:

COL 285 Sector IH-V D2-38

Dull, dull, dull. A non-scoopable T Tauri Star. That’s it. Jump!

COL 285 Sector FC-K B9-2

Scooped from a Red Dwarf (that’s M class) star and scanned. 6 Rocks but nothing else. Move on Cynnrain, there’s nothing here for you.

COL 285 Sector FC-K B9-3

Jumped into a T Tauri star. The disco scanner revealed 3 large stars, brown dwarf’s I think. I moved on without taking a detailed scan.

COL 285 Sector OD-S C4-12

Another darned T Tauri star. No fuel scooping. Now here’s where my cautious, meandering, short jumps really come in handy. Not even I’m paranoid about running out of fuel yet. I detail scanned a Class I Gas Giant and a high metal content world but left the icy body alone in favour of the lure of as scoopable star. Off I went.

COL 285 Sector OD-S C4-13

Got a scoop this time. A lovely red dwarf (class M star). Scanned whilst I was scooping to reveal no less than seven high metal content worlds. Happy days. I wanted some pictures so I went and scanned all seven. Very lovely they were too.

And that was my day. Looking down at my hull, it’s still 100%. Not bad for three weeks out in the black. My lovely new ice-white paint job and SpecialEffect decal looks a little worse for wear but that’s easily fixed.

Time to settle down and listen to Hutton Orbital Radio for a while.

For The Mug you filthy Truckers 🙂








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