It’s the end of the world as we know it and as the man says, “I feel fine.”

Commander Vin’s Briefing

Ozzy58Good morning, commanders and as usual, settle down at the back please. Since Frontier opened up their new systems to the wider galaxy, many of you have been out there, testing everything from exploration to bounty hunting and even (dont’ tell anyone) piracy.

In recent weeks, I’ve noticed that the station bar has become a hive of grumbling and moaning about all sorts of aspects of space flight and I thought that a quick pilot refresher was in order with some hints and tips.

As usual, constructive comments after the briefing are appreciated. Anyone spreading negativity in my sessions will find their beam lasers replaced with a high powered torch and pilot’s seat covered with Wuthielo Ku Froth. Trust me, you don’t want to go through decontamination after getting a rash from that.

Ship and system balance

Ozzy41Frontier admitted this week that the Pythons being delivered across the known systems were accidentally fitted with the wrong thruster combinations and the balance of rare metals in the hull meant that it wasn’t financially viable for the manufacturer to sell them in that specification. It has now been fixed. If you have one of the old ones, they’ve been subject to a technical recall and you may want to take a little time to get used to it.

Illegal shield draining technology was found in all forms of missile delivered to stations and stocks have now been returned for replacement and the standard damage models now apply – be wary, commanders, if you fire missiles at shields, you might as well be lobbing a damp sponge. It will go fizz and the target will probably eviscerate your ship whilst laughing at you.

Point defence systems have now been improved to the point that they’re over-achieving. I wouldn’t recommend fitting them if you are using missiles and mines as all they will do is render you poor and deliver a light show to passing ships.

The demand on chaff supplies has been such that the price has risen to previously unseen levels. Taking your credits in palladium coins and lobbing them out of the waste hatch would possibly be cheaper. For those of you pursuing “dubious” careers, they still work perfectly fine in avoiding police scans whilst on station approach.

Lastly, shield cells were causing unspecified “malfunctions” and the latest replacement versions have a higher power draw and spool up time. Be careful – when you fire them, count to 5 before they have an effect.

As with any changes, there have been knock on effects across the board. The coolant shortage, causing a change in the compounds used now means that heat management is a problem for commanders. Your beam lasers will start to heat your ship if fired for too long, shield cells and missile fire also makes you glow hotter than the nearby sun.

Tips and tricks

Oz23Firing beam lasers (or pulse) when your weapon charge is down and the recharge rate through pips is low will do little other than warm your in flight coffee. When you’re at the bottom of the reservoir, back off for a second or two and fire in bursts – you’ll keep your heat under control

Power is now something that needs managing. Turning everything on has hilarious consequences. In the last day, commanders have been lifting off from pads and promptly shutting down, ending up as in-station ping pong balls, sucking on emergency air.

Look to your right hand panel and set your cargo scoop, frame shift drive, disco scanner and interdictor to priority 2. That way, when you deploy weapons, you’re not pushing power out to things that you don’t need.

Community goals

The bulletin board has been updated with the latest in shared mission goals. Join in one of these efforts and your hard work will be rewarded with not only the usual profits, but a cash bonus and potentially one of a selection of discounts. During testing, this included cheaper Anacondas (i.e. not from Fat Harry’s Cut and Shut emporium but the real deal) – even a 5% saving makes all the effort worthwhile, to discounted metals (including gold and palladium).

I know it may cost you a bit in repairs/lost time on a profitable route/ammunition but think of the final objective – a few million off that Anaconda, a hold bursting of cut price metals.

And finally

  • Don’t crash. There are rumours of even light contacts causing hull breaches
  • If the system you’re in is full of evil people who want to give you a spanking, stop showing them your buttocks and go somewhere nicer
  • You can’t take on an Elite Anaconda in your Viper on your own. Bring friends or kevlar underpants and a book to read whilst waiting for the pick-up truck. You’re not Elite, you’re not in an Anaconda and he will laugh over your flaming wreck once he’s toasted it.
  • If you’re in an Anarchy and choose not to fit shields, don’t come back here crying that you don’t want to be in space any more because it’s mean. You’ll get a one way ticket to public humiliation.


In response to questions from the floor, and before we pack up for the morning and head out for trading runs, I have a few Q&A responses.

Q: “Is there anything different about exploration.”
A: “You get paid more per BONGGGGG than you did before and if you’re adventurous, your name ends up next to the system.”

Q: “Can I have my money back because I was told this was an AA meeting.”
A: “No”

Q: “Have the police been to flight lessons?”
A: “Yes, CMDR Sarah Jane Avory was drafted by the police forces of both the Federation and Empire and has been holding crash courses in…. not crashing and avoiding fire arcs. You may notice that as a side effect, they are more difficult to hit in combat”

Q: “Tea?”
A: “Please. Milk and one sugar.”

Q: “Aulin?”
A: “No. Never do that. Always leave money for insurance.”


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