Ship controls…

I’ve noticed links to this appearing on various forums – quick polite request to any commanders that use them – drop me a message, or comment on this page please if you do, so I get an idea on how many, and a little feedback on changes you would like.

Many commanders have been asking for information on setting up their ship controls. After months of sending them out, I decided the easiesy way was to bung them up on dropbox. Follow the link and you will find two x52 profiles,  a keybinding setup to go with them and a trackir 5 profile. Any questions, email me. click here to go to dropbox

If you’re using the profile, and like it (and want to get an e-mail notification when it changes), you can subscribe to this post, which I will update regularly.

I will be adding a modified version of some of the setting that go with the HCS Voicepack for Voiceattack that works with this profile when I have finished testing it – I will be investing in some additional voices tailored for this setup as well, so if you’d like to contribute to my Paypal account (or even just by way of a thankyou) – you can do so via Paypal to


4 thoughts on “Ship controls…”

  1. Thank you O so very much. Controller just arrived at same as my game finished installing and I can’t wait to start exploring. Lots of time wasted already by futzing with the controls. THANK YOU!!!


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