What to do station-side?

Good afternoon, Commanders

Judging by the messages that have been left for me, there is plenty still to learn but you’re all paying vague attention.

This afternoon is an easy one – it has absolutely nothing to do with flying, fighting, scooping, supercruising or scratching your backside in space. It’s all about the station.

What can you do in station? You can go to the bar, you can walk in the park and sit under a palm tree watching pilots crash on docking(at Wyrd), you can sit in the simulator and have a go at the various scenarios that Frontier have uploaded for you.

What else can you do?
Well – there are some absolutely critical items.

First thing you do when you dock, before you change your underwear, have a shower or even unbuckle your straps is to refuel.

Then, repair your ship. Every time. Don’t forget. Heading out into space without repairing your ship is like going out without a preventative in your wallet. You never know what exciting things are going to happen to you and if you go unprepared, be prepared to go home unsatisfied.

Then your modules. You’d hate to be all prepared and then have an “equipment malfunction”, wouldn’t you?

Lastly, top up the guns – and the heatsinks. Hitting the fire button and realising that the multicannons are going to make a whirring noise and not issue leaden death in all directions will make people laugh at you.

Then, and only then, unbuckle and put your feet up on the console.

Making money and scrubbing that “kick me” sign off your hull

Go to the Bulletin Board. Just in case something you’ve picked up in space is just the thing that the station needs. You never know, it might be that Algae you were saving to dump at the pirate that interdicts you. For 1000 more than market value. It might be Hel Static Furnaces (whatever they are – I tend to use a gas hob, but each to their own).

Next, go through to the various communication menus and pay off your bounties. Out in space you will have been fined for everything from going too slowly, to accidentally hitting the fire button near a station, to inadvertently liberating some cargo from that hauler you met. If you don’t pay them off, next time someone scans you, the bills will keep racking up and you’ll be painting a target on your afterburner.

Then, cash in your “vouchers”. You can only cash in the ones that people care about wherever you are. If they say Asellus on them and you’re at Wyrd, no one will pay a penny for them.

Lastly, and unless you have a death wish, sell any illicit cargo you have at the black market. If there isn’t one and you’re carrying stackloads of stolen soiled flight suits, some jockey in an Eagle will play the multicannon tattoo on your hull unless you’re very careful. Always know where your nearest black market is if you’re out in space, or learn to use the jettison button.

If you get scanned with illegal stuff on board as you’re docking, be prepared for a light show and an expensive insurance bill.

Then, and this is for the dressing gown and slippers brigade, sell anything that you’ve acquired legally. For a profit. If it’s not profitable then you didn’t pay attention to the trading notes.

If you want more guns, scanners, a tougher hull or even a new ship, spend your cash. Don’t forget to sell your cargo first. The amount you pay will have the buy back price for your current equipment deducted. Which means you get a bare ship with nothing on it.

If you spend all your money and don’t leave any spare, you will have two problems – the first is that you’ll be going out unprepared as you won’t have any equipment and the second is more important – when you get destroyed and are floating out there in space, you’ll be cursing the fact that you didn’t leave enough cash to pay the insurance man…. This means you’ll not only lose your cargo and your pride, but you’ll be busted back to a Sidewinder.

Finally, look again at the missions available, look at the galaxy map, drink a cup of tea, crack open a beer and work out “what next”….


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