Commander’s Briefing 2

Right – you’ve all had a coffee from the station automat. And a cookie. Yes, they DO have weevils in – it’s all part of the “immersion”. Now you feel like a proper space pilot.

Tap the cookie on the desk – the weevils jump out. It’s called “interdiction”.

When you are supercruising around, looking at the sights, your cookie will get tapped by people Frontier have paid to do so.

It’s the space flight equivalent of sticking their leg out so you trip up. You will go base over apex out of supercruise – probably when you’re least expecting it.

One of two things will happen. Either the police will scan you to see how naughty you’ve been, or pilot will try and lighten your load or separate you from your ship.

What to do?

If you’re in a cardboard sidewinder with a foam nerf gun mounted on the front, you have a moment to make a decision. If it’s the fed and you’re cleaner than a Beta tester’s kill record, you want to stand perfectly still, put your arms out to the side and try not to giggle when they pat you down.

They won’t tell you when they’re done, but here is a hint – the patting stops. That’s your signal to boost away from there until you can supercruise on to your destination.

If, however, you’ve got contraband or a black mark against your name (which would be foolish if you haven’t got a Ferrous Backside), or some cheesy message floats across the top left hand corner of your HUD, you want to Get The Hell Out of there.

Abandon any weapon power. Dump it all to engines and shields and boost the heck away as fast as you can. Get into Supercruise. Run away. Scarper. Put your tail between your legs and vamoose.

However, if you’re in your Cobra and you’ve been sensible, and pirates trip you up, you have two alternative choices:

1. Give them a stern lesson in manners. Shoot them. Because they’re pirates, they will probably run away once you damage them. No bounty to be had here. If you’re lucky, you’ll kill them. If you’re really lucky, they’ll manage to leave your hull intact.

2. Realise that when you loaded up your cargo, you were a smart alec and put one tonne of something worthless in there. Drop it. They’ll scoop it up and go away. You leave, sniggering and go and cash in on your cargo hold full of fish.

That brings me on to the basics of trading.

Buy stuff.
Go somewhere.
Sell it.

From here, we go on to the basics of successful trading

Buy stuff from somewhere that has a lot of something they want to get rid of.
Go somewhere that wants it.
Sell it at a profit.

“But how do I know?” I hear you ask.

Look at your Galactic Map – yes, that’s the one on the left filed under “other stuff in the universe that’s “not me”.

If your destination is agricultural, they grow things that people eat. Cabbages, cows.
If it’s a fishing planet, I would take a good guess that they supply a lot of fish.
If it’s a refinery, they take raw materials and turn them into shinier stuff
If it’s industrial, they take shinier stuff and turn it into widgets
If it’s a planet full of hippies, they probably want narcotics and munchies
If it’s a planet of professional loafers, they want bottles of bolly, naff canapes and pointless items like watch winders and hair straighteners.

All beginning to make sense?



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