Whiskey Tango Foxtrot????

Vin blinked rapidly as the starport vanished…. He’d just landed from testing the updated drone hunt at the Impeccable hulk, dropped it neatly on to the pad and the station simply vanished.

Not being buckled in, he pushed back off to the pilot’s seat and strapped himself in. This was usually when it all got a little octagonal and hairy…..

He grabbed the new flight stick and keyed in some throttle.



Reaching under the console, he felt along to the connectors to check he hadn’t left something loose.


He slapped the jump drive a couple of times and then pinched himself to check that he was awake.

“Whiskey tango foxtrot?”

Life support must be functioning, he decided – the cockpit wasn’t frosting up. Either that, or his panic was giving enough heat off to warm his little sidewinder shaped area of space.

The ship was in a lateral thrust – he could see the odd spark of dust flying past the cockpit, lit up by the ship lights.

Strapping the remlock back on and mashing the emergency button, the canopy blew, ejecting him back into space.

This was beginning to become a habit now.


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