Now… Where does this go?

Vin’s thumb hurt where he had hit it… again.

Having spent days sitting in his docking bay looking up at the humorously stranded commanders in spinning sidewinders being slowly recovered by in-station tugs, he’d decided to take the console to pieces.

Originally, this was under the guise of trying to prevent problems once launched but soon after, he had pulled on a few wires and the flight stick had gone a little wobbly. Then the keys fell off the antique keyboard.

Then the coffee went everywhere.

Over at the Thargoid, he had caught up with BlueThunder who had recently done just the same and had ripped out an old X52 control system. For the cost of a new flight suit, Vin had snagged the salvage and brought it back to the test rig.

“There has to be such a thing as too many buttons….” he muttered, feet in the air whilst hanging upside down in the pilot’s chair, head firmly wedged under the console trying to connect all the wires back up.

He could see the maintenance robot, this time with a blue light glowing menacingly out the front, waiting to hoover up any dropped screws.

“You touch anything I drop and I swear I’ll turn you into a flowerpot.”

Just as he had the last wire connected, his knee bumped the ship’s comms and the calm voice of Cmdr Braben started talking Vin through the new station and docking procedures.

“I know, I know…. Now where does this go?” Vin asked as he found yet another tiny spring lying just under his head.


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