The Alpha tester’s wave

Having been picked up by a converted cargo scow and dropped into a replacement sidewinder (complete with change of underwear), Vin had fired up the hardpoints on the ship only to discover that he had forgotten to pick the loadout.

“OK, twin beam lasers. Let’s see what we can manage.”

Taking a bead on the first drone, the red button was duly pressed and after a 4 second burst, shields were down and the drone had spun to return fire.

After that, it had degenerated into a game of cat and mouse. Pot shot here, short burst there, each time the hum of the beam laser accompanied a drop in the hull integrity of the target.

Just as the drone lined up for a beam laser tan, a pair of gimballed blasts from above finished the job and a sidewinder shot past the viewscreen.

Not seeing who it was, a quick spin to the side console and Vin spotted “CMDR Dave” on the panel. Glancing back to the front view, he could see the universal “Alpha tester’s wave” coming from the other cockpit. He duly returned the gesture and regretted it immediately – cramp in his flight stick hand.

He resorted to playing “follow the leader” for a while, flashing the floodlights on and off in the morse code for “Foxtrot Oscar” – or at least that’s what he hoped.

5 shared kills down and he was getting the hang of the beam lasers. As a tag team with a gimballed laser ship he was getting adept and knocking the shields down, only to see the other pilot finish off the kill.

Just as two more pilots appeared, the console started flashing red.

++ ERROR ++ ++ ERROR ++

Next thing he knew, everything went black……..



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